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108. Freddiecor   (10.05.2016 19:59) E-mail
inside, but their outer surface would be slick, with runnels of water trickling down, and

helpless frustration.

107. Michaelsl   (09.05.2016 23:21) E-mail

certain of the Arbor’s finest vintages. When that was granted, he pronounced himself well

106. Thomasput   (09.05.2016 21:33) E-mail

Edd would say in his usual dour voice. “He’ll count them right up for you. A regular

105. Josephsl   (09.05.2016 19:48) E-mail
Crown was the Cradle, to hear her tell it; the Stallion was the Horned Lord; the red

the Twins and smash it against a tree until it broke.

104. Arturovef   (09.05.2016 18:52) E-mail
lesser men took their turns dancing on knives in his father’s ill-fitting shoes. So swiftly

“Pardon, my lord?”

103. RobertVony   (09.05.2016 12:16) E-mail
“Who?” asked Davos, between sips of hot wine.

wenches to warm our beds, and put all the rest to the sword.”

102. EugeneEr   (09.05.2016 11:22) E-mail
thought. Maybe they’re in iron cages someplace, and the crows are picking out their

No one can save me but my Florian. Ser Dontos had promised he would help her

101. JeffreyJers   (09.05.2016 10:28) E-mail
“There’s a castle in the sky.”

Willem myself, but this was no battle. They were asleep in their beds, naked and

100. MichaelTarp   (09.05.2016 09:36) E-mail
plunder, not rule. Let him enjoy an autumn crown and suffer a northern winter. He will

What do I want with snowballs? She looked at her sad little arsenal. There’s no one to

99. HaroldAref   (09.05.2016 08:43) E-mail
Howland Reed.” Robb rolled up the map, and only then looked at Catelyn. “Mother.”

“He told me.”

98. Danielfuch   (09.05.2016 03:27) E-mail
Reluctantly he rolled away and helped her off the altar. The pale marble was smeared

and Tyrosh where men would pay handsomely to bed the last Targaryen.

97. Josephcync   (09.05.2016 02:36) E-mail
doll in a brook. After that the girl stopped pestering her, and Arya spent her days

the crows would come and pay them court, but now the birds fled screeching. They liked

96. Richardsab   (09.05.2016 00:52) E-mail
soldiers. Soldiers, yes! And Your Grace will know that soldiers are most comfortable

Their litter had been sitting in the sun, and it was very warm inside the curtains. As

95. Kennethprab   (08.05.2016 23:06) E-mail
dead,” his rescuer had said as they parted. “Let his bones lie undisturbed. We want no

Prince Oberyn laughed. “The gods defend the innocent. You are innocent, I trust?”

94. RonnieKa   (08.05.2016 21:12) E-mail
Deny everything? Accuse Sansa and Ser Dontos? Confess, in the hope of spending the

Ser Jorah slid his arms around her.

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