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Методичка по-английскому языку "Проблемы современной науки"

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Методичка по-английскому языку в формате doc. В ВолгГТУ применяется при обучении магистров.

Содержит тексты по научной тематике для дискуссий. После каждого текста предлагаются упражнения и вопросы по тексту. Всего 17 текстов. В конце есть упражнения для коррекции типичных грамматических ошибок.

Тексты отличные - за счет схожести тематики в них часто встречаются одни и те же слова, что позволяет без труда их запоминать и расширять свой словарный запас, либо просто освежать память, если уровень знания английского выше среднего.

Распространяется методичка бесплатно.


  • Ольга Вячеславовна Леднева
  • Анна Марковна Митина
  • Ирина Федоровна Янушкевич

Пример упражнения из методички


  • Exercise 1. Read the text to yourself.

    Whould you like your son or daughter to become a scientist? if so, in what field?

    The questions were asked by the Literary-Gazette and a British scientist was reported to answer as follows.

    "I would not like my son or daughter to become a scientist of the kind typical in the world today. The development of science has already led to many undesirable consequences and is likely to lead to many more unless great effort is made to control the application of scientific discoveries. If, however, science could be developed in a new way to become a meaningful social activity, I would be glad to see my son or daughter doing science.

    So far as the field is concerned, I think there will be a growing tendency for scientists to occupy themselves with problems which affect fairly directly the lives of people. There seems to exist a great need to develop science which deals specially with the problems of how the applications of science affect man. To cite but a few examples, there are such problems as urban development, education and, of course, the prevention of war. If the new knowledge about the world is used for the benefit of man, rather, than for death and destruction, the human race can continue to benefit from science for centuries to come.”
  • Exercise 2. Answer the questions.
    1. What can you say about the form of the text and the title?
    2. Is the answer to the 1st question "yes” or "no”?
    3. What are the author’s reasons for this answer?
    4. Under what condition would the answer be different?
    5. Does the author indicate any specific science in his answer to the 2nd question?
    6. What problems are considered by the author to be worth studying? Why?
    7. What is necessary for science to remain beneficial for people?

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